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One of the monumental reasons retired seniors choose to live out their golden years in Four Lakes Golf Club is the resort-style living the Community has to offer. After closing on your home, we know it can be overwhelming adjusting to new surroundings, routines, and a new group of people with whom to socialize. Did you know that we employ a full-time Activities Director to plan and coordinate events and trips beyond the gates of Four Lakes? The activities director plays a vital role in injecting fun into this environment, making it an exciting place to live!

Meet Annie Fleischman, our Activities Director! Annie goes beyond organizing games and craft days; she creates opportunities for friendship and lasting memories. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Annie eventually moved to Putnam County and worked in Manhattan for many years. She and her veteran husband, Joel, moved to Four Lakes 20 years ago following the 9/11 attacks. They felt it was time to relocate from the hustle and bustle of city life and settle into a more relaxed environment.

About ten years ago, she assumed the position of Activities Director and loved the job immensely. When asked what her favorite part is (aside from the trips, of course), she responded, “The people, they’re great.”
Typically, residents can expect around 3 day trips per month, 5 overnight stays in a year, and 3 multiple-night trips per year.

This week residents will head to Key West! There, they will enjoy pre-planned activities such as dinner and a boat ride and free time for individual exploring and shopping. The festivities begin in Fort Meyers and end in Key West.

A 5 night trip to the Smokey Mountains is scheduled for October this year, which will be a blast and the participating Residents are looking forward to it!

In addition to planning trips, Annie also manages movie showings in our Theatre each week, the Farmers Market on Tuesdays, Blood Mobile every 55 days, and more around the Clubhouse! Odds are, if a live band is performing or an event is happening in the Ballroom or Restaurant, Annie played a role in organizing it.

This is all a part of the value your lot rent affords you while living in one of the best retirement communities!

You can stay up to date on events and activities by visiting our website’s “Calendar” tab.

As they say, time flies when you are having fun. Let’s make memories together!

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