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Chain of Lakes in Winter Haven

One of the things I LOVE about my job is getting to meet people from all over the United States & Canada and having the opportunity to share with them the reasons I love living in Winter Haven, FL. There are numerous points that I make, including location to major attractions, beautiful weather, etc. Still, if you were to ask any seasoned resident of Polk County, “What is so great about living here?” one answer you’re sure to receive is “the lakes!”

Not only are there 50 lakes within the city limits, but Winter Haven is also home to the famous “Chain of Lakes.” 25 individual lakes connected by canals provide ample opportunities to enjoy days on or near the water or take in the beautiful scenery. The lakes are a valuable recreational, economic, and environmental resource that adds so much to the aesthetic of this unique city.

Four Lakes Golf Club is proudly situated on Lake Haines, linked to 3 other lakes. Whether you choose to spend the day cruising around, fishing, or enjoying lunch/dinner at one of the waterfront restaurants, such as Harborside or Tanners Lakeside, your day is sure to be unique and beautiful by the water!

Imagine the evening Florida breeze blowing while surrounded by a stunning sunset beaming across the water –  Welcome to Paradise! Or enjoy a trip over to Lake Eloise, where Legoland is located, and watch their water-ski show! Live bands perform at many restaurants and bars, like Caribbean Bay and Idle Zone Bar & Grill. I often tease my husband that the Four Lakes Residents have a more exciting life than I do – and I’m in my 30’s! You won’t regret it! There is so much more to retirement than not having to punch the clock anymore – This is your time —spend it with like-minded neighbors who live to be active in a carefree setting.

Image Courtesy of Visit Central Florida
View of Four Lakes Golf Club from Lake Haines

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