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CAN-AM Friendship Tournament

One of Four Lakes’ newest traditions started last year as the “CAN-AM Friendship Tournament.” The turnout for 2022 was huge, and it was such a hit with the residents that they decided to keep the tradition alive! Unlike the “CAN-AM Bash,” which is highly competitive, this new idea was meant to encourage players of every level to participate since it’s a less competitive event where Canadians and Americans get together and play a friendly round of golf (with a twist)!

This year, 24 Canadian couples gathered together with nearly double that number in American Couples. Some Americans volunteered to “adopt” Canada for the day to even out the teams. Each team played a full 18-Hole round of golf, but here’s where the twist comes into play…every hole had a unique challenge; for instance, the 7th hole had a hockey stick in front of the hole (representing Canada), so players had to work their way around the stick to make the shot. Players take a double bogey and move to the next hole if the ball hits the stick. On 9, players had to shoot from the fairway bunker. Some holes started with the shortest couple teeing off, while others started with the tallest—so on and so forth. It was very clever, and everyone had a blast!

This year’s winners were the team with the lowest score, winning a trophy that longtime resident, Jan Carney, made. Rumor has it the awards weighed around 100 pounds each—just kidding. After the tournament, Four Lakes Grill, located in the Clubhouse, hosted a meal for all the golfers, volunteers, and spouses. Two hundred-three attended the luncheon, 144 golfers participated in the tournament, and close to 44 volunteers assisted with the event!

While not everyone won a trophy this year, the Clubhouses’ ballroom was full of winners! Winners were announced, and many prizes were handed out. They had four trophies, 18-Hole prizes, 36 drawn prizes, a Jackpot, and a reverse draw, offering plenty of opportunities to win! The residents here know how to have a good time and truly enjoy each other’s company; that is why living in Four Lakes Golf Club is the BEST prize of all!






Special thanks to Deb Sanders for the photos in this post!

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